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Cranberry Bliss Cocktail

This cocktail is bright and crisp with hints of grapefruit. It’s great for the holidays or any gathering or event that you want to make special.


This bright and bold cocktail is a great compliment to any summertime picnic.

Sparkling Iowa Lemonade

This refreshing Wine Lemonade is made with two of our locally sourced wines, and is perfect for summer gatherings on your front porch.

Dirty Shirley Temple

This wine version of this classic non-alcoholic cocktail will fool you into thinking your are enjoying your favorite childhood drink!


This traditional spiced wine recipe is perfect for a chilly night sitting around the fire.


This sweet and fruity cocktail made with our Black Raspberry Wine is full of flavor and perfect for any summer celebration.

Blueberry Bliss

This Blueberry Bliss Wine Cocktail is light, bright, and refreshing. It is the perfect little cocktail for your backyard barbeque, or for an afternoon with your gal pals.

CHERRY Limeade

This easy wine cocktail will fool you into believing you are drinking an old fashioned cherry limeade. It’s perfect for parties or just a simple night out on your patio.

TWISTED Cherry Coke

This drink will fool your taste buds into thinking you are drinking an old fashioned cherry coke.

Blueberry Pineapple Tini

This bright and fruity cocktail is like an escape to the tropics! We’ll have two please!

Old Fashioned WINE Hattan

This smooth cocktail is a fun flavor WINE spin off of 2 classic cocktails – the Old Fashioned, and the Manhattan. It’s perfect for the holidays or any special occasion.

English Garden Cocktail

You will love this fresh and summery twist on the classic Gin & Tonic!

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