We specialize in making wines that taste good. Leaning on the sweeter side, they make excellent before dinner, dessert  or "just anytime" wines. Don't forget to be creative and experiment with changing your water into wine when you are cooking and baking.   Visit either of our two locations in the Amana Colonies (both open daily) and sample any of the wines below. 


The Marion blackberry brings a new level of excellence with a slightly sweeter touch and strong blackberry finish. Its flavor and bouquet provide the fresh, crisp taste and aroma of fully ripened summertime berries.


Made from the slightly tart Montmorency cherry, this wine is reminiscent of good old cherry pie.


One of our most popular wines, it is hard to beat the undeniable flavor of the healthy, intense, versatile cranberry. No holiday is complete without it. Serve it chilled, warmed or spiced up a bit. For a summertime refreshment, pour it over ice and add a touch of 7-Up for a delightful spritzer.


Can you believe that dandelions are more than just pretty flowers in your yard? This light, sweet invigorating wine has a hint of natural nectar flavor. Bringing a unique experience of pure simplicity & joys of yesteryear, dandelion wine is sure to spark interesting conversation.

The perfect mix of sweet and tart, this wine is just dry enough for you drier wine drinkers but with enough flavor to appeal to everyone. Great with steak.


If you like the fresh crisp taste of mangos, you will love this exotic wine. This is one semi-sweet wine with undeniable taste and bouquet. Drink it chilled or room temp. Makes a great spritzer by just adding some club soda and a twist.

A sip of this wine finds the delicate flavor of peach sliding gently across your palate, bringing back lazy summer memories. Try using peach wine instead of water when you bake your next white cake.

You will go Plum Crazy for this nice sweet wine made from tasty red plums. Try it with your favorite Chinese meals. It is decidedly delicious!

The pomegranate fruit is noted for its health benefits which makes the wine extra inviting. It has 3 times more antioxidants than red grape wine. The beautiful deep red color and the taste of sweet pomegranate nectar with a tangy finish will tantalize you. Pomegranate wine pairs excellently with Mediterranean foods.


Our best sipping wine - and it  has the gold medals to prove it. Make no mistake, the raspberry flavor in this wine is overwhelming. A wonderful companion for any dinner, snack or dessert, it is especially great served with chocolate. For something elegant, melt chocolate and coat the rim of your wine glass combining the best of both worlds.

An old Amana favorite, rhubarb is also referred to as Piesteingle, literally meaning pie plant. True to its name, rhubarb wine tastes like the pie without the crust. This medium sweet wine pairs very well with any food.

One of natures simplest pleasures, the sweet juicy strawberry. No wonder it's so good. Serve with sandwiches, salads, spaghetti or desserts. Try substituting wine for water when you make jello to add that special little zip.

Everything's better with Cranberry! We've taken our popular Cranberry Wine and blended it with several other flavors, creating unforgettable combinations.

Opposites attract! This wine combines the tangy goodness of cranberry with the silky sweetness of plum. Fresh and distinctive with a hint of romance.


This classic cranberry and apple blend will tease the taste buds and delight the senses.

 What is more American than cranberries and concord grape? Celebrate with wine.

We don't want to neglect the wonderful world of Grapes.

Although some people stumble over this word,  anyway you pronounce it, it is a delight to drink. From the same family as the concord grape, the catawba brings forth that unmistakable grapey flavor that we love so well.

What can you say about America's favorite concord grape. The hardy, full bodied grape flavor makes this wine a true classic.

One of the driest wines we produce, this subtle medium bodied Merlot makes a very elegant dinner wine.

Often referred to at the white concord, this wine is sure to please. A glass of Niagara is as wonderful as eating a bunch of juicy sweet grapes picked right off the vine.


This semi-dry white wine makes an excellent choice with dinner for any occasion. Serve the pinot with fish, chicken or pasta. 

A medium wine, Riesling is smooth and well-balanced.

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